SonicLiving API 2.0 - event data for your site

The SonicLiving API requires an API key and is available for both commercial and non-commercial use.

New features for developers

  • New endpoints for performer and venue lookup
  • Faster and more accurate results
  • New tools for more interesting queries

For musicians

Are you a band or a venue?

  • You don't need an API key to post your events on the SonicLiving Concert Calendar.
    Simply email your tour or venue calendar to

Request an api key

API Request
  1. Service Type

Usage policies

Sites and services which don't generate revenue (including ad revenue) may freely use the SonicLiving API. All event listings must link back to the SonicLiving event pages and the ticket links cannot be augmented or replaced.

Sites and services which generate revenue (including ad revenue) must contact SonicLiving and request a commercial API key, using the above form.

Older Versions

Still using SonicLiving API version 1.0? We’re still supporting that. If you need documentation, you can find it here.