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Wednesday, September 24th
The Music Bar London - London, United Kingdom

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Comments from other Shows
Brad K said
Today is "No Service Fees Wednesday", so you can buy the tickets for $24.99 straight up:
Aaron S said
Tix are on sale this Sunday at 10am
Curtis A said
K'naan is a fucking beast. I can't wait till that joint he did with Demiam marley and nas comes out
Kendall B said
Nas, damien, krs, common, etc.... this gonna be hot as caribbean sun
Amy #1 said
Amy #1 said
tech N9NE was so rad at sxsw. they paint their faces!
Tech N9ne
Sun 10/19 @ Avalon Nightclub
Amy #1 said
i saw tech n9ne at SxSW last year and it was amazing!
Tech N9ne
Sat 3/15 @ Volume
Amy #1 said
This show ruled the school!
Sun 4/13 @ The Catalyst
Nora Rox said
From Catalyst's website:
"E-40 has dropped off the bill, you may return tickets to place of purchase
until March 24."
WAHHH!!! :(((((((((((((((((((
Gabe said
Get yo stunna shades on.
Nora Rox said
E-40?!? Fo' sheesy?!??!