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Comments from other Shows
megan said
Yeah, tickets for TNAF are sold out in SF, but the show in Oakland with the Joy Formidable is still selling tickets. I hear it's a great venue and looks like a better line up. :) IMHO
michael l said
Well crap. Already sold out? Tickets not available? WTf.
michael l said
SWEET! Joy Formidable in the O! Now that's what I call Occupy.
Brad K said
DJ Aaron says that DIOYY? is opening.
Yoni M said
anyone have extra tix?
Geoff M said
Passion Pit twice in 2 months?! Um, Yes, please!
Amy #1 said
!!!!!! Beth Ditto!
Amy #1 said
it maaaayy have been cancelled. i cant find any info! but it was on the Live 105 blog. Part of their "emerging artists" series. Hm.
Jerod K said
I don't think this show is happening -- it's not listed on the Mezzanine, Great Northern, or Magnetic Zeros sites.
stan s said
sounds cool
Kimo C said
"Negro Modelo" beer of the gods...