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Dora is a San Francisco based graphic designer and artist. Dora's art and design is a mix of Swiss design and classic Americana distilled into bitesize pieces. Referencing pop culture and classic design elements, she crafts amusing and biting narratives through seemingly simple combinations. Each piece has a story, and the viewer is often left to interpret the clues and write their own conclusion. Dora's the principal of Hybrid Design, and case/study Home
A wild imagination meets a confused demeanor, that grows with each passing idea. An illustrator who wants to be a craftsman, Jeremy combines the best of both worlds, carving out fantasy soaked creations, morphing and mixing characters in a unique trademark he uses, with astonishing results, like something straight out of Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. Unlike any other artist from this current cultural genre, Mr. Fish would be a natural with a series of wild, vivid children's illustrated and shaped books. His true genius would then show through, and build it into the happy minds of young and old. A wonderful talent to witness firsthand! See for yourself at:
Marco Zamora was born and currently lives and works in Pomona, California. In 2004 he graduated from California Institute of the Arts, with a Bachelor of Fine Art. Using the paintbrush and pen to draw, Marco develops imagery about the urban landscape and the people that inhabit it. Producing a richly complex and experimental image, Marco goes into a neighborhood and shoots a spot, recontectualizing and collaging figures to create each paintings identity. City life, his culture, color/scale experimentation, and the working class have influenced his artwork. Splitting his time between painting and apparel design, Marco's recent work can be seen in a variety of Van's ads and collaboration projects as well as galleries up and down the west coast.
Sam Flores was born in 1975, immersed in the stark beauty of the New Mexico desert. In 1995, he migrated to San Francisco seeking the bohemian lifestyle of the Bay Area. Like most teens of the late 80's and early 90's, Sam was involved in the street cultures of skateboarding and graffiti writing. From 1995-1998, these roots in urban expression helped him land freelance gigs doing graphics for skateboard and clothing companies. His focus medium is paint on canvas and wood. These paintings touch classic themes of "natural beauty," which is in obivious contrast to his life in the urban landscape. He credits Michael Parkes and Derek Hess as influences. The rich flora of his recent work can be compared to the nouveau stylings of Alphonse Mucha. His figures tend to be somewhat anonymous, even masked in some instances, yet still full of personality and emotion. He effortlessly combines broad fields of color and finely rendered detail, creating paintings that are engaged on many levels. This palette tends to lean toward earth tones, perhaps an homage to the colors of his youth in New Mexico. Sam has exhibited his artwork in galleries internationally.